Shaggin’ on the Santee


Shaggin’ on the Santee 2010, on July 23 – 25th, is almost upon us, and we are working hard to have the best event yet.  If you loved the party last year, then you should enjoy this years because Jimmy and Linda Joyce have graciously volunteered to be the Chairpersons again.  If you have never attended our party, then you are missing out on a great event. 

DJ’s for this year will be Jim Bowers, Eddie Collins, Furman Dominick, and Jean Hodges.  All four DJ’s will be playing at the Pool Party on Saturday afternoon, which will feature our womanless beauty pageant.

If you would like an application it is located on our website at

Be sure to book your reservation early, because this event is sure to fill up fast.


About Terry Tice

I am currently the Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster for the Orangeburg Area Shag Club
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3 Responses to Shaggin’ on the Santee

  1. Linda Joyce says:

    Can’t wait for Shaggin’ On the Santee

    • Furman says:

      You have not been to a party till you come to this one this year. New dance floor that will make you look good in them shaggin shoes. I will make sure you will have fun by the pool for I will start the music up Fri. around 1 PM. If you thought you had fun last year, betcha have more fun this year.
      The Furm

  2. Furman says:

    Shaggin on The Santee was one of the best yet. If you missed it that is one chance in your life to have a great time that you can’t make up. Linda and Jimmy did an outstanding job as leaders. A lot of our club members worked their rear ends off. If you see these people please tell them what a great job they did. Thanks to all of the members of other clubs who came and made the party fun. I enjoyed playing by the pool both days and thanks for giving me the job it was a blast. Take care and looking forward to next year’s Shaggin on The Santee, The Furm

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